Saturday, January 15, 2011

Army helicopters

I hate the sound of the army helicopters coming in. We live under the approach path for the local hospital, and the arrival of an army helicopter means that they have found yet another body down the valley. Our base hospital is the morgue for the flood victims. I wish I wasn't so emotional about this - tears easily spring to my eyes still thinking about or seeing the flooding. One of my workmates is moving to an apartment today - he and his family live at Murphy's Creek which sustained a lot of damage, and his house is uninhabitable.

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  1. Hi ...
    Gee I should have come back to see how you are doing.. your last post was before this all got so crazy. I hope you are ok and your home.. Sorry to hear your workmate has suffered...

    Well I can fully understand the tears.. and I say just let them come.. I'd be the same.. You know as awful as it might sound.. at least when they bring people back to the hospital.. it gives family closure.. it must be awful not knowing at all..

    I probably don't fully understand not being in the midst of this.. Thinking of you.. xxx Julie