Monday, February 28, 2011

OPAM finish for February

Well, another month has rolled around and I only have one lonely little snail to share - snail pace is my speed at the moment.
With luck I will finish a couple of dolls this week - they were supposed to be done for February, but I have been lazy.
I am very aware that the world is in chaos - beautiful Christchurch will never be the same again, but I will still return to her for a visit one day.
A group of friends I belong to is making toys for Easter/cheer up for flood victims near us. There are so many groups making quilts and sewing kits, we wanted to contribute as well. We have some lovely tilda dolls, a frog, a snail, and a couple of other dolls. There is also a cat, a bear and a rabbit in the works. Some are just pretty things and some are cuddly.
I want to give to Canterbury in NZ, but am not sure where to start - they are still needing the very basics. I have left a message with a friend there to let me know what would be best, and am waiting to hear from her.


  1. wow Susan i love the tilda snail,well done.xx

    Susan have you thought about turning word verification off,it makes visits so much easier if we dont have to battle with trying to read the words as they are getting so hard to read.xx

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